Late policy We strive to have your dog groomed in a timely manner. Most dogs are completed within 1-2 hour time frame so they aren't waiting around to be pampered. Please note after 10 minutes you will be billed a $7 late fee. After another 10 minutes you will be charged an additional $7 ($14 total). By 30 minutes your appointment may be canceled. If you need to cancel or re schedule, please do so 24 HOURS before your appointment date. 

Appointment Confirmations Please confirm your appointment at least 24 hours before appointment date. You will receive a text/email notification 48 hours before appointment date to confirm. If you do not confirm 24 hours before your appointment time will be cancelled.

Appointment Times Standard grooming times is 1-2 hours. Additional time may be needed due to pets size, coat condition and temperament. Pet Parents are contacted as soon as grooming is complete.

Pick Up Times We strive to have your dog groomed in a timely manner. Most dogs are completed within 1-2 hour time frame so they aren't waiting around to be pampered. Late pick ups put us behind schedule and conflicts with other clients who arrive on time for their appointment. You will get a 10-15 minute heads up before your pet is ready. You then receive an additional 15 minutes to pick up your pet giving you a total of 30 minutes. Please note after your 30 minute time frame window you will be charged an additional $5 to your bill every additional 10 minutes you are late.

No Show/Cancellation Policy  We are a stress free one on one grooming salon. In order to keep a stress free, safe environment for your furry family member, we groom by appointment only and each pet is given a specific time slot based on their breed, weight, and service they’ll receive. Your spa appointment is a reservation for services and for the individualized attention we provide each pet. We can only take a limited number of appointments each day. A missed appointment is a loss of income to a small business and our groomers. If an appointment is missed with no notification or canceled 4 hours prior you will be billed 50% of your grooming service for that day.  Please cancel your appointment 24-48 hours before. Any appointments cancelled within 24 hours of appointment time will be billed $25. We have a waitlist of clients that will be willing to take your slot.

Required Vaccinations Pets 5 months and older are required to have their rabies vaccinations in order to be serviced in our salon. Tags are not accepted. You must bring a hard copy from your vet with an expiration date. If you do not have a hard copy, you may show us an email on your phone the day of the appointment. We can also get vaccinations over the phone with your vet.


Flea & Ticks We are a flea and tick free salon. We understand you may not be aware your pet has any. If they are found during your pets service, for the safety of other pets we are obligated to apply our de-flea bath treatment at an additional cost of $10. If you are aware or believe your pet may have fleas or ticks please notify us as we may arrange an end of day appointment to reduce risk to other pets.

Aggressive Pets Please let us know if your pet has any aggression towards other animals or grooming services. For the safety of our pets and employees we reserve the right to stop performing services. Also, we may arrange end of day appointment if your pet does not do well with other pets. If your pet is difficult to groom or has been rejected in other salons we do charge a special handling fee of $15-$30 as we block off half of day to better accommodate pet and reduce any stress. Please let us know ahead of time and call a team member to book if your pet is difficult as we do schedule accordingly.


Matted Pets Mats form when the coat is not properly maintained by not brushing and combing on a regular basis. Consistent wearing of a collar and/or harness or clothing can contribute to matting in areas around the neck and front legs. Some mats can be safely removed with brushing and combing and time for removal will be reflected in the total groom service fee.  If the mats cannot be removed due to tightness on the skin, a shave down haircut will be required to safely and humanely remove the mats. We charge $7 every 15 minutes we are removing knots.

Puppy Grooming First time grooming experience can be quiet scary. This is why we require first time puppies to get a puppy trim and not a full haircut. This will help your puppy develop good grooming manners along with a relaxing first experience. 

Major Holidays We are closed  Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.