Job Opportunity

We have an incredible opportunity for someone who wants to work in the pet grooming industry! We are offering training to learn how to groom from some of the most experienced and talented groomers in the state! Most groomers go to a school and spend thousands of dollars to learn.


We will hire you as a bather to learn our methods of bathing, brushing, trimming, finishing, handling, training, extensive tool knowledge, breed knowledge, behavioral knowledge, health, nutrition, etc for 2-4 Months. This will also be your probationary term for us to evaluate your consistency, reliability, efficiency, etc.

Paid training starts at $15/hr  + tips

Once Trained pay goes up to 50% commission + tips!


We have so much to offer you once you become a groomer.

-An EXCELLENT paying career in the Grooming industry

-Fun work environment!

-Loyal and consistent clientele 

-Great, Competitive prices!
-Flexible hours
-This is an Employee/W2 position

Make $600-$1000 a week when finished with your curriculum! Prices are the best in town!

This position starts as an assistant and bather position 



Paid Training includes safety training, pet bathing, drying techniques, ear cleaning, nail trims, file, with progression into learning the essentials of pet grooming as each individual skill is mastered. This apprenticeship program includes hands-on experience with a progression into a career as a Pet Stylist. This program typically takes between 6 months to 1 year to complete.

Groomer Apprentice requirements: 

  • Must be a patient, caring passionate dog lover with an interest in a career as a pet groomer.

  • Must have compassion and patience with animals.

  • Must bring a great attitude to work and possess a friendly positive attitude.

  • Stamina to bathe, dry, and groom several dogs a day including lifting large dogs

  • Must have open availability to work full time including weekends

  • Must be willing to learn grooming skills and accept positive criticism.

  • Must maintain a clean and healthy appearance and environment for clients.

  • Must have great work ethic, organized and reliable

  • Must be over 18 yr old and have a High School Diploma or GED.

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