Meet Stefanie

Owner of Posh Paws Grooming. Stefanie has been in the dog grooming industry for over five years. Stefanie is continuously learning and refining her skills to ensure her clients get the best. Stefanie’s loves to connect with pets and build a bond with them. This allows her to do her job effectively and safely Stefanie specializes in doodles, terriers, sporting breeds and cats!

Meet Charles

Owner of Posh Paws Grooming. Charles has worked in the pet industry for over eight years and did dog training for two years. Charles takes the time to build a relationship and give each dog the time they needed individually to make pets feel safe and comfortable. His favorite part of his profession is the transformation, mostly from within.

Meet Jessica

Jessica is a pet groomer here at Posh Paws. Stefanie and Jessica had been working side by side since 2018. With over three years’ experience, Jessica has a passion to perfect her craft and constantly works to continue her education as a stylist. Jessica has a gentle touch and a relaxing demeanor which makes her a perfect fit for Posh Paws. Jessica specializes in all toy breeds such as pomeranians, shih tzus, maltese and more!

Meet Alexa

Alexa is a pet groomer here at Posh Paws. Alexa received her certification in dog grooming and has gained hands on experience. Her main goals are to improve her skills and continue her education in the dog grooming industry. She loves to groom all breeds of dogs.

Meet Daniel

Daniel is a pet groomer here at Posh Paws. Daniel always provides exceptional service to all clients. With over five years of experience, Daniel has a passion to perfect his work and further his education in dog grooming. Daniel will make sure you and your pup have the best Ultimate Spa Experience here at Posh Paws. Daniel Specializes in all curly coated breeds, terriers and sporting breeds.